Male bonding

Last night an impromptu invite lead to yet another cherished evening. I have a buddy, Quintin, who is a great rugby lover. A few calls to arrange where the Bulls – Stormers game was to be watched, lead to an evening with me, Quintin, my kids and housekeeper doing dinner at my place. A quick trip resulted in me fetching Quin, and a snack run was completed to make sure we are stocked with biltong, … Continue reading

Getting emotional…over Skype

People say that technology makes the world smaller, and several tech brands have emotionally charged ads with loved ones interacting via technology. I am no stranger to using technology to shrink my world, my arsenal includes GotoMeeting, Google Hangouts and of course Skype. However, during the past two weeks, Skype has been pivotal in my family. Mari and I are blessed in our businesses, but sometimes the cost is counted in a loss of family … Continue reading

No lock in. At all. Ever

Quickly logged in to my mobile phone provider account this morning. My Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE device, running CyanogenMod, is getting a bit long in the tooth. Eagerly logged in to have a look at the new phone models available (time for a Sony, or another Samsung?), imagine my shock and disgust when I realized that I am only due for a free upgrade days before Christmas this year. I stared in disbelieve at the … Continue reading

“Cloud” and “The man on the street”

Last night I had the pleasure of taking one of my cousins, her husband and children out to dinner. Having not seen them in a while, it was great to catch up. And as you do, the conversation takes a few familiar roads, and that includes “work”. The question was quickly popped, for me to tell them about my latest project. I went into as basic a description as I could about “cloud computing” and … Continue reading

Competing with the big boys

Years ago, my dad and I would sit and talk about the logic behind buying a business, and competing with established players in a particular market. He would always ask why you would buy and existing business, when you can open up shop across the street, offering a better deal and thus gaining the business for “free”. It is not always as easy as that, and entering a new market, or one with established players … Continue reading

Cloud computing guest operating systems

Recently, I have been agonising over what will be the most popular operating system on a new cloud computing platform that we are building. Conventional wisdom says that for South Africa, it is likely to be one of the Microsoft platforms. However, the very few stats that are available publicly for the global market (nothing exists for South Africa today), suggest that it will in fact be Ubuntu. A post by Mark Shuttleworth shows that Digital … Continue reading

The Jaguar F-TYPE

This is my current car fetish. The Jaguar F-TYPE Models page shows the coupé an convertible versions of the new F-Type. I have already driven the F-Type 3.0 Litre Supercharged S model, and it is plenty quick. But I have my heart set on a V8, the sound from the quad pipes in sport mode is just amazing! The way the car pops and crackles on light throttle is just sublime. I’d have this over a new … Continue reading

Strange being on this side of the table…

I am working on bringing a new platform to life, something to change our existing business into something completely different. In the process, I started dealing with loads of local and international vendors, consultancies and suppliers. This week I realized that I am going to have to disappoint some of them, as they will not be successful in winning our business. Now usually, I am on their side of the table, sometimes winning business, sometimes … Continue reading