If you want to save money, go all the way…

The journey in building a new cloud platform has been an interesting one to say the least. When asking customers why they consider virtualization, private cloud or hybrid cloud solutions, cost saving is always part of the equation. But, it amazes me how the technology decisions we make are influenced by vendors, and how few customers can work their way through all the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Some of the best FUD stories I … Continue reading

If it floats, flies or is in the cloud, you are better off renting…

The above bit of sagely financial advice was offered to me by a financial professional. Certain assets and items make no financial sense when you buy them, renting is the better option in many cases. Why should technology be any different? I strongly believe that the days of buying physical servers at Capex cost is a business model that is dead for many enterprises. Why invest all that hard earned money in a dead platform, … Continue reading

A boozy pleasure in Winter

I am not a guy that enjoys the cold weather, but being someone who tries to find the positive in every situation, I have found something to enjoy in Winter… Once a year, my wife and I do a serious road trip down to the Eastern and Western Cape regions of South Africa. Allow me to elaborate. We hook a 6″ trailer behind my Subaru Outback, and we take a slow drive, doing around 300-400 … Continue reading

I have a vinyl fetish…

Not the handcuffs and boots type, the 33 1/3 rpm type. I remember listening to records at home as a youngster, and spending my pocket money on records in the 80’s. Oh, I was so quick to jump ship to CD, and then of course to buy digital music online (my favourite sites are HDtracks.com and LinnRecords.com). My online purchases really started adding up when I bought a Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 Plus edition standalone … Continue reading

The bravery of being out of range…

Doing OpenStack is hard. Doing it right is even harder. Doing it in a way that mimics the major functionality of competing public Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers is so tough, that I believe what we are launching will be a first in Africa, with some features a first in the Southern Hemisphere. Part of the challenge is understanding that OpenStack is not a technology, but a framework. A very complex Lego set where you slot things in … Continue reading

A secret blend of herbs, spices and chemicals

Let me not pretend I am something I am not. A bunny hugger I ain’t. According to me, “vegetarian” is from the Latin root that means “bad hunter”. I believe we have dominion over the animals, and I love steak. But, being a meat lover/eater (don’t worry, the red meat animals get their revenge on me, I suffer from terrible gout!) does not mean that I turn a blind eye to the rights of animals. … Continue reading

Undocking your cloud

In a recent post I spoke about lock-in and how I hate being locked into services. Expanding on that topic, I should note that cloud services is a lot more elastic than other products we use or services we consume…up to a point. You can easily turn services on, off or move between plans. But moving from cloud platform A to B? Nope, not so easy… until now. Docker is going to revolutionize the way we … Continue reading

A 5 minute excersize

The time has come for me to admit to a seriously receding hairline. While the loss of my hair is regrettable, the time saved on quick haircuts is useful. I am not quite at the point where I can place a call on hold and get a quick haircut, but I did reduce from a 7 minute task to a 5 minute task. Words like “short” and “style” have lost all haircut meaning for me. … Continue reading

Size matters…smaller is better

Time to admit it, I was hugely offended recently during a session with a potential vendor. The account manager working with us may not have disclosed our current company size as part of getting a very senior european manager to see us. During the conversation, we were quizzed as to the size of our business, and you should have seen the boss’ face when my answer was “less than 10 people”. He had that “Oh … Continue reading

Tactical technology thinking is killing innovation

A session with a representative from a major international research company confirmed what I have suspected for a long time…many IT players style themselves as “strategic” thinkers, but in reality, they employ tactical thinking to satisfy their own business goals. As we moved through my requirements this morning, it became clear why some obvious partnership opportunities were slow to materialize at the onset of our cloud platform R&D process. Historical vendor relationships rule the “Go … Continue reading