Moving to the cloud? Prepare to rethink your system architecture.

One of the biggest mistakes I see when enterprise customers contemplate a move to the cloud, is that they assume their entire system and architecture will move “as is” into any cloud provider. While this may even be feasible in feature rich cloud platforms, the question is, should I move as is? The reality is that loads of enterprise systems in play today, look they way they do because of a phenomenon called “architecture by … Continue reading

Building a cloud? Prepare for a rough ride.

I have done many difficult things in my life. Built businesses, am a husband to a lovely wife and a father to two young boys. I have been involved with complex technological projects, and seen success and failure on all fronts. But nothing prepares you for the sheer technical challenge of building a public cloud platform. The easy bit is deciding that you want to do it, the tough bit is getting it done. It … Continue reading

Letting my mind go with music…

I have a long and wonderful history with music. It really started while I was growing up listening to whatever my dad was playing on his HiFi. The “whatever” portion is important, as my father listens to a huge variety of music. I won’t go so far as to call him a fan of everything, but he is the ultimate musical experimenter. He’d read HiFi magazines with reviews of newly released music, compiling a list … Continue reading

Why using local cloud services makes sense

With the launch date for my new cloud computing platform looming large, I am spending more and more time involved in the intimate details of the project. I am also spending more and more time with potential customers and partners. One of the most frequently asked questions from potential partners and customers are why they should use local cloud computing services. The impression is certainly there that the big players have cornered the market and … Continue reading

2015, here we go!

So, 2015 arrived and it is time to stare the new year squarely in the eye. I’ll freely admit to using a bit of Punk Rock to get me out of bed this morning, clearly I enjoyed my stay-cation a bit too much 🙂 2014 was a proper roller-coaster of a year, with loads of changes for me personally and in business. 2015 brings stability and clear focus on delivering my cloud computing project. Delivering … Continue reading

OpenStack “State of the nation”

Over the past few days I have had the pleasure of attending the OpenStack Summit in Paris. The 6000 person attendance figure alone tells a story of the massive momentum behind this open source software project. Over a 5 day period thousands of vendors, integrators and developers got together to shape the future of this amazing project. So, what is OpenStack? It is a collection of open source tools and technologies, augmented by commercial tools, … Continue reading

Change is the only constant

The last few weeks passed by in a blur of activity. Transforming a business is not easy, and one must grab  the opportunities that present themselves. However, times of change and flux can be volatile, and I do not enjoy finding myself in conflict with people whom I have a close relationship with. The conflict is not over yet, but necessary to bring hidden items to the fore, and help one refocus on what is … Continue reading

Education…my guide for modern parents

As a result of the work I have been doing on our cloud project, I am experiencing first hand the lack of skill that we have in certain technology fields locally. One of the reasons for changing our current business and business model, is that we want the ability to take advantage of our own intellectual property and leverage what we know in our business model. But doing that is hard, as it requires a … Continue reading

Feel like giving up? Then watch this…

The past few weeks in my life has been hectic. But, while that is the case, I have also been learning new things, connecting with business mentors, completing many tasks, making tough choices and taking steps every day to get my cloud platform up and running. It is easy to start feeling overwhelmed and even easier to feel like quitting, because a project like this is not for the faint hearted.  All the long hours, … Continue reading

That dirty word, “Innovation”

Many industries have overused terms, in automotive, “driver’s car” is one that comes to mind. How on earth can a diesel powered econobox be described as a “driver’s car”? Technically it is correct, the car does belong to a driver, so it is that driver’s car. But does it inspire you to get in it and simply drive for the joy and pleasure that it brings? I seriously doubt it. One of the real “driver’s … Continue reading